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  • A Brand New Year 

  • Guardian of the Fire 

  • Imagining Carmen 

  • What Would Elena Do?

  • Driftwood Blues




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Guardian of the Fire

A Brand New Year


Imagining Carmen

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Driftwood Blues

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What Would Elena Do?

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A Brand New Year

A Brand New Year is an original concept with a wonderful protagonist!

A Brand New Year takes place in an interesting world with appealing characters … the plot of this script is great and the world really engaging!

A Brand New Year is a delight!

One of the best scripts in this year's competition! There's a welcome note of magical realism. Wonderful imagination at work here.

The writer wasn't just painting by numbers … offers a fresh spin on the romantic comedy in a world not explored before. The reader is surprised time and again!

Screencraft, 2016

WeScreenplay, 2016

Austin Film Festival, 2016

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 I've written for a living, in one way or another, for my entire career.

 It hasn't felt at all like work.

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