Current solo projects are outlined below. Am also working on several additional projects teamed with a co-writer. To learn more about any of those, or if you're interested in reading a particular screenplay, please contact me.

A Brand New Year

Feature Film

Status: Complete; in Development

Lead Attached: Scottie Thompson as Genie


Logline: Juggling protests, criticism, and threats of closure, the driven director of a global art competition falls for an undercover Uber driver with a secret.


In the middle of the International Year of Camelids the workaholic Genevieve (Genie) Johannsen, who runs an international art contest in Washington DC, is preparing for the coming Year of Water, which has garnered unprecedented attention. She is considered snobbish, even impolite, with ordinary people, and is told as much by Biko, an Uber driver she rides with in the rain.


Between her meddling brother, semi-estranged globe-trotting dad, highly critical boss, and demanding job, Genevieve has little time for romance. But the universe has other plans. Even though the guy she likes isn't quite what she imagined and an unwelcome but impossible to refuse gift of a camel


Comps: Love Actually meets Beyond Borders


of the


Guardian of the Fire

Feature Film

Status: Screenplay first draft

Based on True Events


Logline: A Native American elder inspires a young man in search of himself through the ancient mystery and still secret ceremony of the Sun Dance.


This coming-of-age film is based on true events that remain secret to all but those who participate. Funny, poignant, and contemporary, this story explores the clash between the racing technology of the modern world and the legends collected for millennia by First Nations peoples through oral history, the art of storytelling, and the sacred ceremonies that continue to thrive since introduced by White Buffalo Calf Woman to the Lakota, who have shared them widely with other tribes.

Will the Real Carmen Sandiego Please Stand Up?
Big Fish meets Harold and Maude

Imagining Carmen

Limited or Web Series

Status: Pilot Drafted


Logline: An eccentric woman claims she inspired the scarlet-clad game character Carmen Sandiego and persuades a young writer to pen her wild stories.

Candice Santiago (AKA Bonnie Bright) claims she was the inspiration for the educational game franchise Carmen Sandiego, except that she was not a thief, except of secrets. A Columbia U journalism student, Chase, becomes an unlikely partner to write Bonnie's tell-all memoir detailing her wild experiences in the 1970s. He attempts to sift fact from fiction as she shares with him her many secrets, fantastical stories, and her unusual gift of memory, which led to her recruitment.

Taking place both in current day and 1973-77, this story's theme surrounds every human's need to feel we have left behind more than footprints.

Comps: Big Fish meets Harold and Maude

Screen Shot 2019-09-09 at 6.04.01 p.m..p

Short (20 minutes)

Status: In Development

Based on True Events


Logline: While awaiting a ferry, an artist's truck filled with his personal treasures ends up in the sea and he's at risk of losing everything, when Amma, the Hugging Saint, arrives in a comical rescue.

Sebastian, artist and traveler, waits for the ferry to return to his island home after a selling trip to the mainland, returning with most of his merchandise. He's an acceptant-type, but his wife has breast cancer and he's been saving for her treatment. When his truck rolls into the sea while he's searching for arrowheads on the beach, he does everything possible to save its contents. But the policeman who attends is convinced he's drunk and quarrels with the tow truck driver about the position of the gear shift and refuses him access. With the entire elderly population of the ferry town watching, a hilarious, feel-good miracle occurs.